Counseling Topics

These topics will be covered by all grades K - 5. The lessons will be grade level appropriate.


1st Quarter

Respect - for self, others, property, authority

Listening - position, body language, eye contact, focus

Bullying - what is it?, friendship, teasing, target, bystander, ally, standing up for others

Conflict Resolution - what is it?, steps to resolving, point of view


2nd Quarter

Safety - stranger danger, good touch, bad touch, privacy, cyber safety, boundaries

Problem Solving - choice, consequences, peer pressure

Responsibility - accountability, consequences, doing your job

Caring/Sharing - friendship, kindness, generosity, citizenship


3rd Quarter

Goal Setting - measurable, achievable, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, short/long term

Diversity - what does it mean?, same/different, stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice

Test Taking - listening, attention, organization, relaxation, time management, study skills


4th Quarter

Self-Control - anger cues, triggers, reducers, self-talk

Peer Pressure - friends, choices, positive/negative, assertive, consequences

Careers - what this means, strengths, interests, occupation, goals