Pre-AP Courses

Pre-AP courses provide students with the skills, strategies, and study habits necessary to be successful in Fayetteville High School’s nationally competitive AP program. However, unlike AP courses, these courses are not college-level courses, receive no weighted credit, and do not have an accompanying exam.

Commitment to Excellent Teaching

Before teaching Pre-AP, teachers receive high-quality professional development taught by nationally recognized College Board consultants. Teachers go to this training every five years in order to stay up-to-date on the latest teaching methods.

The Future of Pre-AP at FHS

Pre-AP Pilot Program

The College Board is currently piloting new 9th grade pre-AP courses with curriculum frameworks, sample lessons, and assessments. The goals of this program are the following: “significantly increase the number of students who are able to access and complete college-level work—like AP—before leaving high school and improve the college readiness of all students.” Because our school is committed to success for all students, we applied to be part of the year 1 pilot. We were chosen to be one of 105 schools in the nation (and 1 of only 2 in Arkansas) to participate, and we are one of only 25 schools who are implementing all five content areas.

New Courses

Right now, these courses are only available to ninth graders, but tenth grade courses will be offered soon. We are offering six of the courses: English, Biology, World History and Geography, Algebra I, Art, and Theater.

Benefits of New Program for Students

In the past, students had to opt-in to Pre-AP classes, but now, every 9th grader will take at least one of the courses, and many will take multiple courses. By repeated exposure to the shared principles of Pre-AP -- close observation and analysis, higher-order questioning, evidence-based writing, and academic conversations -- students will have more opportunities than ever before to prepare for more challenging coursework whether that be future AP courses or college.

Cincy Mathis
Pre-AP Department Chair
Mike Kaminski
AP/Pre-AP Coordinator
Dr. Steven Weber
Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning